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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

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School councillors

School councillors 1
Barathan and Samika are delighted to be our School Councilors this year.
Welcome to our Year 4 page! If your child is in Year 4 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. Note that this page doesn't replace the school newsletters - those can be accessed below.

During the school day we frequently discuss concepts such as growth mindset, Hidden Chimp, Life building skills and how these can support your children in life, to try challenges that may they have previously given up on. We hope to see evidence of this during the year and will be referring to good examples and using language to support this. Please ask your children about this at home.  Within these life skills we hope your children will increase their resilience.


Classroom code of conduct


This list was agreed by the pupils themselves during the first few weeks of the year. The ideas came from the children themselves, and they know they must do their best to abide by them.

  • We will listen to each other
  • We will be kind and caring to each other
  • We will only talk when we are supposed to
  • We will put our hand up when we want to share
  • We will use our imagination
  • We will work hard and be calm
  • We will think carefully when it is the best time to do something
  • We will learn from our mistakes and have a growth mind set
  • We will have fun




For the curriculum information sheet for this term, please see below.


Reading Recommendations

Below is a link of books recommended to children of various ages


In Year 4, key comprehension skills are covered using the Vipers reading programme.  For more information please click here;


Our main topic this term will be Tudor Exploration. We will be looking in particular at what discoveries were made of the world then and what life was like for Tudor Explorers. The children will be encouraged to conduct their own research into the topic, and will represent this information in various ways, including computing, writing and art.

Throughout the term the children will be developing their core life skill of empathy through the exploration of a range of literature. 




Please try to hear your children read most days and record it in their red reading record book. For some more independent readers, this may be less. Your child has been told how frequently  they should read to an adult and each entry made by an adult will earn them 5 house points.  Please discuss the book with your child and ask some questions to check their comprehension and understanding of the plot.  Reading records will be checked every Monday and Thursday to ensure there is some evidence of reading to an adult.  The number of times reading is recorded will depend on your child's reading ability.  Please ask  Mrs Lane or Miss Bennett for advice if you are not sure how often to hear your child.


Spelling lists will  be sent out every Friday for the children to practise ready for a spelling test the following Friday. We will also be testing children on the times table they are learning each Friday.  In preparation for the government times tables speed test, Year 4 will be practising their tables using this format.  Miss Bennett will also set project homework at the beginning of each half term to work on throughout the half term. The homework will be clearly detailed in an information sheet which will be sent home at the beginning of term. Sometimes extra maths or SPAG work will also be sent home. This is optional homework. After a Maths No Problem review, if we feel your child has not achieved standard, we will photocopy the assessment in order that you can work through it to support your child.


Activities outside the classroom


Here is a list of the activities that take the children outside the classroom this term

  • PE will be on Thursday with Premier Sport and swimming on Tuesdays starting on week 2. The children need to bring their PE kit on a Monday and keep it in school for the duration of the week so it is always to hand.  Please ensure they have suitable kit for outside when it is cold.
  • We will be visiting the Wild Woods on several occasions to support our learning.
  • There will be a trip to London to visit The Golden Hind, a replica ship that Francis Drake sailed round the world on.

If your child develops an interest in any of our topics we would love to see the result of any independent or parent-led projects. The Cherry Hinton library and local museums are extremely helpful and have wonderful resources.


Classroom activities


The children will have several whole class guided reading sessions  per week, where we will be looking at settings, expressing views about the text with evidence and using punctuation to guide expression. They will also have the opportunity to practice their independent reading and reading comprehension.  Some children may be part of an extra reading comprehension, handwriting, maths, spelling or social group if we feel they need further support.