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Teaching and Learning Together


Computing at The Spinney Primary School


At The Spinney we highly value the computing curriculum.  We believe that computing is a crucial part of children's learning, as technology is essential to our lives and is continuously developing.  Our aim is to equip our children with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing technological world.   We also believe that equipping them with 'computational thinking' skills will allow them to apply their understanding to any technology they encounter both now and in the future.


By the time children leave our school they will have gained key knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the computing curriculum.


Computer Science (programming and understanding how digital systems work)


Information Technology (using computer systems to store, retrieve and send information)


Digital Literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully)


How we plan and teach Computing


At The Spinney Primary School we try to use computers and technologies as much as possible to enhance our curriculum and help children learn key skills.  We believe that a clear and effective scheme of work that provides coverage in line with the National Curriculum is essential to meet the requirements of our children in order for them to thrive.  To ensure that children are exposed to high quality lessons, focussing on the skills and knowledge required to be 'computational thinkers', we have invested in PurpleMash.  This ensures that all key areas of the computing curriculum are taught and revisited during a child's primary school years.  This allows our children to build on their learning year after year, building on their vocabulary and also to practice skills where they may or may not be as confident and likewise, progress their knowledge and skills even further.