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Teaching and Learning Together

The Spinney Primary School

Teaching and Learning Together

Uniform Information

We expect all children attending children The Spinney to be dressed neatly and in keeping with the dress code so that they feel smart, part of the school team focussed and ready to learn. You may purchase school uniform with the delightful Spinney logo by going to the Your School Uniform website.


Our school dress code comprises any of the following:


School uniform


  • Red sweatshirts, cardigans or fleeces
  • Red or white polo shirts
  • Plain white shirts
  • Grey or black trousers, skirts or pinafore dress
  • Red and white gingham summer dresses


PE uniform


  • Black shorts, or jogging trousers
  • Plain white T-shirt tops
  • Plimsolls for indoor PE and (in the summer), trainers for outdoors


Additional Equipment


  • A named water bottle
  • A named bag
  • Wellington boots/spare shoes for the meadow and field


Children should wear stout school shoes (not trainers). Football shirts or other branded clothing must not be worn as such items can lead to the unnecessary competition for the "latest and best" which can be upsetting for children (and parents on a budget).


Please ensure that your child's clothes are marked with their name. Many parents purchase red rectangular book bags with the Spinney logo on.  Please understand that whilst these appear to be a great purchase, in our experience, these can cause problems as all book bags are identical.  When children are asked to collect their book bag, they are unable to find them quickly as there is a large pile of identical bags to search through.  Any sturdy bag in which books, lunch and water bottles can be carried will be perfectly acceptable. 


For Health & Safety long hair should be tied back (e.g. plaits or bunches) and only small stud earrings may be worn. These must be removed during PE. However, where this is not possible children will be given small pieces of tape to cover the earrings. Nose studs are not allowed. No other jewellery, except watches, may be worn in school.