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  • Friends Pupil Disco - Fri 5th Feb
  • Chinese New Year Lunchtime Special - Mon 8th Feb
  • Pancake Day Lunch - Tue 9th Feb
  • Y4 Visit to Nanna Mexico - Wed 10th Feb
  • End of Half Term Assembly - Fri 12th Feb 2pm
  • Professional Training Day (non-pupil day) - Mon 22th Feb
  • Pupils back to school - Tue 23rd Feb
  • Street Child United Non-Uniform Day - Thu 25th Feb
  • Street Child United Cake Sale - Fri 26th Feb

Welcome to The Spinney School.

Head teacher The Spinney is a happy, welcoming and outstanding (Ofsted 2008/9) primary school set in Cherry Hinton, one of the villages to the south of the City of Cambridge. It serves children and families from within the school's catchment area and beyond. We are very proud of the linguistic, social, ethnic and cultural diversity of the families that we serve and we take an active role in our community.

In 2006 the school was assessed by Ofsted as being "outstanding". The school was assessed as "outstanding" for a second time in January 2009.

The Spinney is forward-looking and outward-reaching. There is a strong community feel to the school with a wonderful parents association (Friends), a dedicated and talented staff team, an effective and skilled Governing Body and delightful, enthusiastic, confident and polite children.

The school's mission statement is "Teaching and Learning Together" and this is central to our ethos. The Spinney's on-going success is a team effort and we all work hard to ensure that the children have a positive learning experience every day.

The Spinney has a lot to offer our children and we always keep them at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you.

Rachel Snape

Head teacher

Ofsted comments on The Spinney

"The Spinney is an outstanding school where pupils thrive in both their academic and personal development. Pupils love school and learning and they are exceptionally well prepared for their move to secondary education. Parents are almost unanimous in their support and are pleased to have chosen the school for their children."

"Outstanding teaching and the excellent curriculum mean that pupils thoroughly enjoy lessons. Teachers are highly skilled and ensure that classrooms present a calm and orderly learning atmosphere in which relationships are excellent and pupils are confident and secure."

"Pupils make outstanding progress because the staff know them well and meet their different learning needs."

"Children thrive in the school's very positive and nurturing environment. They benefit extremely well from the very good procedures that care for, guide and support their personal needs, and very strong partnerships with other schools."

"The school is led and managed exceptionally well. The headteacher provides outstanding leadership and management and has been pivotal in maintaining the school's outstanding overall effectiveness. There is a very strong sense of teamwork fostered by senior staff, and a feeling of common purpose of improvement at all levels."