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Teaching and Learning Together

The Spinney Primary School

Teaching and Learning Together

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

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A warm welcome to our Year 5 page. If your child is in Year 5 please familiarise yourself with this page as it will let you know the various activities the class are currently involved in. Note that this page doesn't replace the school newsletters - those can be accessed below.

School Council

School Council 1
Tavin & Dasha are delighted to be our School Councilors this year.

Classroom code of conduct


This list was put together by the pupils themselves in the first week of term. All the ideas came from the children themselves, in order to maximise our learning potential in the classroom.

  • To be happy in our learning and have fun
  • To respect the classroom itself and the items which belong to it
  • To work together as a team
  • To enter the classroom quietly
  • To put our hands up if somebody would like to share something
  • To have our eyes facing the teacher when he is talking
  • To always strive to achieve our best




For the curriculum information sheet for this term, please see below.



This half term we are exploring Charles Darwin and The Natural World. We will gain an insight into the incredible journey Darwin made on HMS Beagle, his discoveries and theory that changed the way people understood the natural world around them. In Literacy, we focus our reading and writing around a high quality text, The Lost Thing. The central themes of the study are differentness and how each of us can help others and have a positive impact on the people around us. This also fits well with our PSHE focus this term: diversity  and community. In the Wild Wood, we will explore the natural world around us and we will develop an appreciation of our own diverse community of learners by working together on various projects. The significance of the natural world is also a prominent feature of our DLG book - The Secret Garden, and one of our Guided Reading books - The Call of the Wild. In DT, we will develop our modelling and making skills, using modroc to create Galapagos Island animals. Maths No Problem will see us thinking hard about Word problems, graphs and fractions. In computing, the class will learn how to use a design-drawing package.  Finally, the PE focus this term will be developing skills in football and handball.








These will be sent home on Friday and they will be tested every week.


Project homework

Project-based homework concerning the topic area will be asked for at two different deadlines within each half term, although pupils can bring in completed homework before these deadlines and children can produce more than the two pieces asked for; a sheet detailing suggestions for projects will be handed out to children at the beginning of term.


Times tables/mental maths

On Fridays, there will also be times table assessments. The children should know all of their tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 5. From the Spring Term,  Arithmetic tests will also be used once a week in order to help speed up the children's mental processes, as well as enabling them to become proficient with the wide range of arithmetic questions that pupils may face in year 6.



The children will be asked to do some comprehension and handwriting activities during Guided Reading sessions when they are not working with an adult. This is important preparation for Year 6 Reading skills. There will additionally be some comprehension assessments during the year, typically one per half term.



There will be many opportunities for the children to improve their knowledge of grammar this year, learning parts of speech and sentence structure. Short tests on this in order to practise for Year 6 SATs will occasionally occur.


Guided reading

Every child will have the chance to do small group guided reading on a regular basis, which will focus on particular areas that they need to improve on, using targeted questioning.


If your child develops an interest in any of our topics we would love to see the result of any independent or parent-led projects. The Cherry Hinton library and local museums are extremely helpful and a wonderful resource.


Activities outside the classroom


Here is a list of the activities that take the children outside the classroom this term

  • PE every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
  • Visits to the wild wood every other Friday.
  • Daily Mile - afternoons - Monday, Wednesday, Friday