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Teaching and Learning Together

The Spinney Primary School

Teaching and Learning Together

Parent Questionnaire Feedback


Thank you to those parents who filled in the questionnaire.  The questions were the same as those on Parent view used by Ofsted, however we hoped the comment section at the end meant that parents could raise any issues that were important to them. The questionnaires were distributed one per pupil.  For ease of reading the agree/strongly agree scores were added together as were those for disagree/strongly disagree. 

A full table of results can be seen on the school website.  The results and comments were discussed in various governor and staff meetings.


HEADLINES - Highlights from the Questionnaire 

99% said My child feels safe at this school

99% said My child is well looked after at this school

99% said This school is well led and managed.

99% Would you recommend this school to another parent? (79% strongly agree)

Over 95% scored by all questions except 6,8,10 and 11



The governors were very pleased to read your comments which provided helpful suggestions for the next steps for continued school improvement.  16 comments were in praise of the  Spinney   Other comments focused on access to communication, health, hygiene and safety, pupil progress information, curriculum and Home Learning.  The governors noted a great variety of views on Home Learning from some parents who wanted much more and others who thought there shouldn’t be any at all at primary level.  The governors also noted  that After School Provision (in response to parents’ requests) has meant that there is less space for other activities as the hall is used.

· Remind families about the ways that the school report progress and feedback including Termly Reports,  Termly Teacher/Parent meetings and weekly Open Friday. Remind that individual appointments can be made with a class teacher through the school office.

· Home learning policy will be reviewed by the school, ratified by governors and highlighted through the newsletter so the school expectations and policy has been clarified.

· Toilets will be checked regularly and a tick sheet signed as happens in other public establishments

· The school has invited parents to buy water bottles as part of the school kit and signposted the cooling bell in a newsletter.


All the teachers have always taken the time to answer any questions, queries or concerns I have and I have been very grateful for that.  I really feel like they care.   I am very impressed so far by the teaching and atmosphere of Spinney School and values taught

What fantastic work, creating a culture of positive friendship and such a strong sense of community across year groups

I’m very happy with Spinney School.  Very nice overall environment.  Very polite and experienced teachers.  Mrs. Snape (Headteacher) is a superb lady!  Very focused and constructive woman :)

We are very happy with the school and our daughter is developing into a happy and confident person who enjoys learning.  We can’t really ask for more!

I love that the school encourages the children to think of the wider world such as plastic in the world. 

The Spinney School remains to be a great child-friendly environment for my daughter.  I am very pleased with the progress that she made since foundation.

We love the fact that everybody in the school is valued and encouraged to be positive to each other

Thank you again for answering the questionnaire.  The Governors are pleased to know that whilst there are some improvement points the results suggest that there is a high level of parental satisfaction in the quality and provision at The Spinney School.  The Spinney Governors