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Teaching and Learning Together

School Lunches

Our Catering team


The Spinney Primary School is pleased to work with Lunchtime UK, a Cambridge- based supplier of high quality, healthy and delicious school lunches.   Lunchtime UK devise menus that appeal to young people and which are nutritious, locally sourced and prepared on a daily basis with fresh ingredients. The meals are cooked by qualified chefs and served by friendly staff. 

Our equally friendly team of talented midday supervisors ensure that your child has a healthy meal, making lunchtime one of the many highlights of the Spinney day. 


All children in Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a Free School Meal, but if you would prefer to, please provide a healthy (nut free) packed lunch.  Lunch is served between 12:00 - 1:00pm.

To see the menu for a particular week, click the appropriate date below. There are also special meals for particular days - click on the links below for details. 

Free School Meals & Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium funding is additional funding that school receives to help raise the attainment of pupils.  It is paid to schools in relation to the number of children who have been registered for Free School meals (FSM) at any point over the last six years. This is children who claim Free School meals because of their family income and not those who simply receive a free meal because they attend F Stage or a KS1 class.


This funding is vitally important to school as it enables us to provide a range of interventions to support pupils in and out of class.  


Who is eligible for Free School Meals & Pupil Premium?

All children attending our school can be eligible for FSM if their parents are claiming any number of benefits, or whose family income totals less than £16,190.  Further details of the relevant benefits and how to apply are explained in the application form below.


Pupil Premium funding will only be received by school if you apply so we do ask any families who fall into this bracket to please apply.  Please talk, confidentially, to the OPS team in the office, or to Mrs Jelliman our School Business Manager if you would like further information.