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Home Learning

Home Learning


Your child will have been provided with a Home Learning book.  In the book you will find log-in details for online areas where teachers will upload work for your child to complete at home whilst school is temporarily closed.


There are also a multitude of different activities that you can find online, such as Joe Wicks PE lessons (visit his YouTube video The Body Coach TV), or visit twinkl ( where you will find free resources for parents or BBC Bitesize, where you will find lots of ideas and activities for children of all ages covering all subjects.


We are working hard to ensure that there is a variety of work so that children do not spend all day in front of a screen.  They can write in their exercise book or they can take photographs of things they are doing which they can then upload.


We do understand that accessing their on-line learning is proving challenging and we are trying to support you as best we can, but please remember that this is a learning curve for us too.  Please email the OPS team on and we will do our best to resolve your problems.  Before you do that though, take a look at the FAQs below to see if the answer is there.  Many thanks - and good luck.



Frequently Answered Questions regarding Edmodo or Numbots Home Learning


  1. Do I log in as a student or as a parent?                                                                                  Please log in with your child's name, using the class codes you were given in your Home Learning books.  Once you have done this, you can link yourself as a parent to your child. 

  2. Who do I contact if I have a problem?                                                                                 Please call or email the school office.  Please do not contact teacher's directly as they are busy planning lessons, marking and assessing content of work.  The OPS team will be able to help you.

  3. I do not have a printer so how do I complete work and upload it for teachers to see and mark?                                                                                                                           Please use the exercise books you were given, remembering to name and date the top of page.  When the activity is complete, please take a photograph of the page, ensuring that all the work is clear and legible and upload the photo.           

  4. How do I upload work onto the site?                                                                                  Please upload your completed work to the notification of the assignment. Please remember to save your documents before uploading, some documents have been uploaded blank and it is possible this is the cause. Saving and closing down the document before uploading it may prevent this from happening. If you have problems uploading, please check your settings and make sure that Edmodo is a trusted site.

  5. How can we reduce the notifications that appear on the home page and eliminate 'SPAM' type messaging?                                                                                                           Teachers will soon be setting up distinct areas on the class pages to separate the work from  the chat.  It is important for the well being of the children to keep in touch with each other and so appropriate communication is to be encouraged.  The separate areas will enable teachers, parents and pupils to follow threads and comment. 

  6. For best results we recommend accessing the Edmodo site via a desktop or a laptop computer.  It is possible to access using a phone or tablet, but some Microsoft applications don't launch very well from there.

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