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Welcome to the Children's Page

Our tremendous school

We are the Head Girl and Head Boy of The Spinney Primary School. Our names are Thomas and Lucy, and we would love to tell you all about our tremendous school.


Happiness is not ready-made, it comes from our own actions


This year's theme is Peace. At the start of this academic year we are thinking about what peace means to us, and this year we have written our thoughts on origami cranes which are on display in the front entrance. Please come and have a look at this wonderful display and see if you can think of any other peaceful words.


A happy, friendly, hardworking school


Ours is a very friendly school. We are encouraged to work hard and to achieve highly. First of all, we have lots of fun activities throughout the academic school year such as the Big Count led by the Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head (Mr Mawson). We are organised into our house teams (Yousafzai, Shakespeare, Dahl and Curie) and then into sixteen house families. Year 6 pupils and House Captains take responsibility for guiding younger pupils to compete in a challenging but fun maths task in and around the Spinney. Everyone in the house family that wins gets the very important prize of a Curly Wurly!!! 

We also have a Big Write, which is organized by our literacy leader Miss Garrill (Year 3 teacher) in which we are given an interesting writing task and the best piece of top quality writing from each class will get their work put up on our fabulous writing wall by the front entrance. 

Finally, at the end of each school year we host a sports day 'stay and play' on our field. In the morning we take part in a number of ten minute cooperative activities ranging from basketball to hoopla and parachute games, and then in the afternoon we have the competitive races, which we also enjoy! 

One of the main Spinney mottoes is that the school is a "Safe Place to Make Mistakes". This means that no one here is afraid of making a mistake, and we know that when we make mistakes we can take the learning point to improve ourselves as people. In our school we are encouraged to take responsibility for our learning and our school and to be Spinney Standard in everything! 

In our front entrance we have a Circle of Friends, which looks like this!



This is a very important symbol which reminds us that we are a TEAM where Together Everyone Achieves More! We are very lucky because Spinney children come from all over the world as well as Cherry Hinton so we know how important it is to be very welcoming to anyone who comes to join us. We always have a special Positive Friendship week every year and in our school we say "Be a Buddy not a Bully!". 

So to sum up, if you think you would like to come to our school we think you will find it a very welcoming, happy and tremendous place to be!


See you soon, Thomas and Lucy.

Looking after one another


At The Spinney we want all children to be happy, safe, learning and achieving, so we have different systems to make sure it happens.



Buddying system

These are practical ways we have of helping everybody. See our Buddying system document to find out more.

The 5 Take Care Rules

This is a list of five rules about what we should take care of. You can read about them below.


It's important to get the most out of school, and you can read about ways to participate below.

Class pages


Each of the classes has its own page where you can find out what activities the children are following this term. To find out more about each class, click on a link on the righthand side of this page, or choose one of the following links: Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4,Year 5, Year 6.

School council


The school council meets on a weekly basis to discuss important topics that affect the whole school. The pictures on the right are our current councillors. To find out more about the council, visit our School council page.

School library


We have a school library where we can borrow books. There's an easy system for checking books in and out, and lots of space in the library to just sit and read.