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The Spinney Primary School

Teaching and Learning Together

Lunch Menus

Our Catering team



The Spinney Primary School is pleased to be working with Lunchtime UK, a Cambridge- based supplier of high quality, healthy and delicious school lunches. 

Lunchtime UK devise menus that appeal to young people and which are nutritious, locally sourced and prepared on a daily basis with fresh ingredients. The meals are cooked by qualified chefs and served by friendly staff. 

Our team of talented midday supervisors ensure that your child has a healthy meal, making lunchtime one of the many highlights of the Spinney day. 

To see the menu for a particular week, click the appropriate date below. There are also special meals for particular days - click on the links below for details. 

Special lunches


We are offering a range of special lunches this term including our special Bring your Parent to lunch day which follows our Mothering Sunday Service on 1st April 2019.  Adult tickets for this lunch will cost £3.50 and will go on sale on Monday 4th March from the office.


Please look at the menus below to see the special celebratory lunches your children can enjoy this term. These lunches do not need to be ordered in advance.